Attractions Alicante


Alicante is a city that relies heavily on tourism, which has led it to develop a wide array of attractions that cater almost every taste. Some of the most important are:


The main attraction of Alicante due to the city’s perfectly warm weather and to their overall beauty, are its many beaches. Being a coastal area, this is the main reason visitors come to Alicante. And of all the beaches to choose from, El Postiguet is definitely the best and most popular. It is located right in the center of Alicante and very close to the Santa Barbara Castle. It is so good, that it has actually been popular since the 19th century.

Santa Barbara Castle

At the top of Mount Benacantil lies the Santa Barbara Castle, a colonial construction many centuries old and that offers visitors amazing views of the entire city, allowing anyone to see all the way to the Tabarca Island on clear days.

Tabarca Island

The Tabarca Island is located one hour by boat from Alicante’s coast and it is considered a must-visit for anyone coming to Alicante. Boats heading for the island depart from the marina in Alicante several times every day in summer and at least 3 times a week on the rest of the seasons.

The Archeological Museum

Address: Plaza Doctor Gomez Ulla S/N

The Archeological Museum of Alicante (also known as MARQ) is located, very curiously, in a renovated hospital of old. It exhibits many items from the Paleolithic era, and was ­even been declared the Top European Museum of the Year in 2004.

The Gravina Fine Arts Museum

Address: Gravina Street, 13 -15

The Gravina Fine Arts Museum (also known as the MUBAG by the locals) is home to the Alicante County Council artistic collection that sports artistic items that date from as far back as the Middle Age and go up to the beginnings of the 20th century.

Bonfires of Saint John Museum

Address: Teniente Alvarez Soto St.

This interesting museum collects the pieces that are rescued from one of the most popular yearly local festivities that involve burning wooden statues. The museum is also abound with photographs and costumes from the event, which makes it a nice source of information for anyone wishing to learn about this festivity and who is not able to be in town when it takes place.


Address: Bookings at any information booth

The TuriBus is a tourist service offered by the city of Alicante for visitors who might want a “quick glance” of the city, as well as for those who don’t have too much time in their hands. The service offers 9 (nine) popular stops and all sights are explained in Spanish, English, German French and Italian. Buses depart every hour from Tuesday to Sunday and different prices are available for both children and adults.

The Contemporary Art Museum

Address: Plaza de Santa Maria 3

Also known as the MACA, this baroque-style museum dating from as back as 1685, is housed in the oldest civil building in Alicante. The museum offers 4200m2 full of contemporary, 20th century art and is open all week except on Monday.